Cat Breed Focus – Absynnian

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This short haired cat is thought to originate from Ethiopia (formerly Abyssinia) from which it derives its name.  The breed today was developed in the United Kingdom after being brought back from North Africa by British Soldiers in the 19th Century.

Abyssinians are intelligent, playful, extrovert cats who love human attention.  They are often referred to as being dog like in their loyalty and attachment to their owners.  Unlike the usual cat meow these animals make a soft chirrup sound. 

Breed Characteristics

  • Body type:  Oriental
  • Coat:  Short, fine, dense and silky
  • Pattern:  Ticked
  • Colour:  Usual/Ruddy, Sorrel, Blue, Fawn, Chocolate, Lilac
  • Temperament: Intelligent, playful, wilful, extraverted, outgoing, vocally quiet.