How To Get More Love From Your Cat (or at least a bit of attention)

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Have you ever wondered why some cats are more affectionate than others?  Or never mind how much you love your cat they always want to go and sit on the person who likes them the least.  

I’ve always had a pretty good and affectionate relationship with my cats.  They have all been pretty easy to handle and happy to have affection.  However I’m under no illusion – it’s on their terms not mine and a lot of that attention is down to me being the provider of food!

Cat’s have their own reasons for doing things and it’s often very different to how we would be motivated.  

If you spend a bit of time watching cats interacting with humans you will notice that they often avoid the people who want to fuss and cuddle them and go and sit in the lap of the person who wasn’t paying them any attention whatsoever.  My auntie, who isn’t particularly a cat lover, would always get the cats wanting to sit on her.  I had to explain to her that because she didn’t give them eye contact or invade their space, they actually found that reassuring and a sign of friendliness.

So if you have ever wondered how to become the person your cat wants to be with then I found this great article that may give you the answers.  

10 Science Backed Tips For Getting a Cat To Like You