Flat Heated Pet Beds

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If you are looking for a simple bed, or one you can put into a crate or existing sleeping area, flat heated pet beds are a great solution.

Flat heated pet beds also work well for if you have a dog or a cat who likes to sleep stretched out.

At Best Heated Pet Beds we stock a number of different brands and styles to suit both your price range, home set up and your pet’s preferences.  

Some of our flat heated pet beds are designed for indoor use only, and some can be used outdoors, whether that be in a garage, porch, kennel or other area.  If you are looking for one specifically for outdoor use make sure you check the product description to ensure it’s suitable for this purpose.

Flat heated pet beds are designed to sit on a flat surface so we recommend not placing on furniture.  They are best placed directly on the floor or inside a crate or kennel.

We stock a range of makes, styles and sizes so you can find the right one for your pet.  We cater for dogs and cats, and some of our products can also be used for other family members such as rabbits and reptiles!

When choosing a size, bear in mind how large your pet is and also whether it’s just for one pet or more.  If you have several pets that like to snuggle up together you may want to get a bigger size or buy more than one so there’s no fighting over who gets the warm spot!