Outdoor Heated Pet Beds

Whether you have a feral cat or an outdoor living dog we have the right outdoor heated pet beds for you.

In many areas winter temperatures can get extremely cold and even with a fur coat your furry friend will need a little extra help keeping the chills at bay.  For pets who have to spend some or all of their time outdoors having an outdoor heated pet bed can be a lifesaver.

We stock a range of different bed styles to suit both your budget and your pet’s requirements.

We have flat outdoor heated pet beds that can easily fit into a kennel or porch area.  We also stock a fabulous selection of covered beds designed to protect your animal from the elements.

A lot of our outdoor heated pet beds are purchased for use by the local feral cat.  If you have a stray that likes to pay you a visit, but is too wild to come indoors then providing a heated bed in a sheltered location will really be appreciated.  Once they realise they can get immediate warmth and shelter you’ll find them relaxing in there more and more of the time.  We all know cats love to snooze and when they have somewhere warm and cozy they’ll make the most of it.

These type of pet beds are also very popular for the owner’s who kennel their dogs outside.  Even the healthiest of dogs may need an extra helping hand to keep warm in very cold weather.  And if you have puppies, elderly or sick dogs that you aren’t able to bring in to the house to keep warm, using a heated pet bed suitable for outdoor use will really help.

Whatever your reason for looking for outdoor heated pet beds, we hope you find the right one for your four legged friend, here at Best Heated Pet Beds.