Self Warming Heated Pet Beds

If you would like to provide a warmer, cosier bed for your pet, but don’t want to get one that is electrically heated, then self warming heated pet beds are the answer!

These beds work by absorbing, holding and reflecting back your pet’s own body heat and at the same time keep them insulated from cold floors.  Particularly great if you have tiled or wood flooring.

The advantage of using self warming pet beds is that you don’t have to find a suitable place to plug them in.  Nor do you have to worry about your pet chewing through an electrical cord if they have particularly destructive tendencies.  

Although they won’t provide as much heat as an electrically heated pet bed, they do provide a great option for many pets.  If you have a younger, healthier indoor pet and your house isn’t particularly cold in winter then one of these beds may be a great cost effective choice for you.

For older animals or if you have a house that gets particularly cold in the winter and to avoid leaving the heating on just for your pet, then you will probably be better off investing in an electrically heated pet bed.  Think electric blanket vs duvet!

Our self warming heated pet beds come in a number of different styles and colors to choose from.  They range from simple flat pads, to bolster and covered beds.  The best one for your faithful friend will depend on how they love to sleep.  

We hope you love our range of self warming heated pet beds.  Once you’ve found the right one for your special animal remember we provide free shipping for all our products.