K&H Heated Pet Beds

K&H heated pet beds have a great range of thermo-pet products. 

Designed to the highest standards in terms of both material and safety.  These beds are great to help relax the muscles of active dogs and cats, or provide relief to the joints and muscles of older and arthritic pets.  

K&H have high levels of quality control in their product development and source the best quality materials to ensure K&H heated pet beds are long lasting and hard wearing.  

K&H Manufacturing work closely with MET Laboratories to ensure their products are safe for both your pet and your home.  

They are very economical to run (often less than the average night light) due to their low wattage.  You can be reassured that you won’t be breaking the bank by keeping your pet warm in one of these beds.  

K&H heated pet beds have a wide range of designs, many of which are totally unique.  You can find flat pads, bolster beds, covered and self warming designs.  Many are also designed for outdoor use too.  Chances are you will find a K&H heated pet bed to suit both the requirements of your pet and your home.

We hope you enjoy searching through the range and when your pet is happily snuggled up in their bed, why not send us a photo of your contented companion.