Heated Cat Beds

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We know cats love the warmth and that’s why they love their heated cat beds.  

Anyone who owns a cat, or should I say is owned by a cat (yes we really are servants to their needs!) will know that they are always seeking out the warmest place to snuggle down.  That’s why when you get out of bed your cat will jump straight on to where you were sleeping to make the most of the body heat you have left behind.  

Cats are the masters of sleeping.  They spend something in the range of 16-20 hours a day slumbering.  So providing them with a great place to rest, that’s both warm and cosy, will go down a treat with your cat.  

Here at Best Heated Pet Beds we have a great selection of heated cat beds.  With a range of different styles, colours, sizes and heating methods you can be sure that your feline friend will be purring away contently with one of our beds.  

We have flat ones, covered ones, bolstered ones, outdoor ones and even a special heated sill that your cat can use to watch the world go by outside the window whilst staying toasty warm.  That’s got to be kitty heaven!

Which ever type you choose, make sure if you have more than one cat it’s big enough to share – or treat them to one each.  You don’t want any cat fights over their heated cat beds!

Once your kitty is snuggled into their bed don’t be surprised if they only venture out at dinner time or for their mad half hour!