Heated Dog Beds

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Our dogs come in all shapes and sizes.  And they have lots of different needs.  That’s why at Best Heated Pet Beds we offer a wide selection of heated dog beds so you can ensure your faithful friend has just the right bed for them.

All dogs like to spend plenty of time snoozing.  It helps to restore their energy ready for their next outdoor adventure.  Some dogs love to sleep stretched out, others on their backs and some curled up into a tight ball.  Or perhaps your dog does all these things depending on how their mood takes them!

Because we stock a range of different heated dog beds we can cater for pretty much any dogs needs.  

If your dog likes to curl up or rest their head on something check out our bolstered range which give added cushioning around the sides of the bed.

If your dog is a sprawler he may be more suited to a flat heated dog bed.

We have heated dog beds that can go safely in an outdoor kennel or barn to keep your dog warm when the temperatures drop.  

We also have lots of options for the indoor dog, which range from electrically heated to ones that are self warming.

Whichever types of heated dog beds you choose we know that your dog will be snoring contentedly when you treat him to one of more of the beds from our range.  

Enjoy browsing our selection.  All our beds are shipped free.  And send us a picture when your dog is snuggled up in his new heated dog bed.