Aiicioo Dog Heating Pad - Pet Heating pad for Dog Indoor with Ultra Soft Cover Chew Resistant Cord Heated Bed

Flat Heated Pet Bed | 2 sizes



Aiicioo Dog Heating Pad - Pet Heating pad for Dog Indoor with Ultra Soft Cover Chew Resistant Cord Heated Bed


  • HIGH HEATING EFFICIENCY – AIICIOO Pet Heating Pad provides gentle and warm temperature for your furry friends in winter. IT IS NORMAL TO FEEL NOT WARM ENOUGH WHEN YOUR PETS NOT LYING ON IT.
  • CHEW RESISTANCE – It’s great choice for dogs who love to bite. Chew Resistant Cord and UL listed Adapter can better protect your pets from injuring itself
  • POWER-OFF PROTECTION – High/Low level of temperature control.Temperature can be adjusted and can be up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • WATERPROOF & MOIST-PROOF- Durable oxford fabric and waterproof material for long- lasting, comfortable, flexible, waterproof, dust free, anti-electric shock (ensure your pet’s safety), easy to clean by hand
  • Recommended for senior pets, arthritic pets, new born pets, pregnant pets or animals recovering from illness or injury

USE INSTRUCTIONS: Read all instructions carefully, pay more attention to IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS.

  1. When you receive the heating pad, please spread it and turn it on for a night, the smell will disappear during next weeks.
  2. Please put the back side of the pad on the floor, use the front side which has chew resistant steel cord close to your pets. You can just place soft blanket or towel (not heavy) on the front side of the pad.
  3. The pet heating pad has 2 temperature control of low and high, please choose the low setting when whole night use.
  4. Please do not fold the heating pad when you use. It is waterproof, but please do not immerse into water
  5. Unplug the heater pad, clean with a damp cloth. Do not plug in until the pad is completely dry.

How To Test The Heating Pad?You’ll notice that the AIICIOO heated may not feel warm to the touch, this is normal!! The heat will dissipate into the air unless there is something on the pad or leaning against the pad. You can test the pad by placing a large pillow on top of the pad. After about 20 minutes, feel under the pillow. It will feel warm, not hot.Important Safeguards:When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed including the following.

  • DO NOT operate any electrical appliance with a damaged cord or plug or if the appliance malfunctions or has been damaged in any manner.
  • Indoor use only. You can also put it on the outdoor dog or cat house
  • Always unplug from outlet when not in use. For use with 110-120 volt ONLY
  • When placing the pad in an enclosed area, bu sure the pad no more than half of the floor space, so your pet has the option of sleeping on or not
  • Keep your pet away from chewing the cord.

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