Kane US Made Pet Heat Mat (Heated Pet Pad) 110-120V Various Sizes for Newborn Puppy, Kitten, Hedgehog, Reptiles: Tortoise, Snake (Thermostat Control)



Kane US Made Pet Heat Mat (Heated Pet Pad) 110-120V Various Sizes for Newborn Puppy, Kitten, Hedgehog, Reptiles: Tortoise, Snake (Thermostat Control)


Pet Heat Mats with Thermostat are a safe and effective way to keep small animals warm. The energy efficient design allows users to select and maintain the ideal temperature for various species of animals. This state of the art thermometer will maintain any pre-selected temperature between 40 degrees F and 105 degrees F. The mat is waterproof and can be used safely indoors or out, in kennels, whelping boxes, dog houses, garages or wherever your pet sleeps. Durable and safe to operate, they’re designed to maintain a temperature approximately 37 degrees F above the surrounding air temperature. With an insulated bottom they are much more energy efficient than other heating devices and provide uniform, comfortable heat. 80% more efficient than heat lamps. The thermostat incorporates several unique self-activated safety mechanisms as well such as a high limit setting that self-activates and is relative to the set point of 105 degrees F. Made of durable, high density polyethylene. Manufactured to UL and CSA standards. Easy to install and easy to clean. Made in the USA.

Thermostat Control  |  Size:18×18″
  • MADE IN USA. TRUST IN AMERICAN QUALITY AND SAFETY STANDARDS. Kane Heat Mats are an appliance so they must past rigorous testing and conform to UL and CUL standards. Easy to install; mats may be fastened down with plastic ties or screws (holes provided).
  • HEATING PAD AUTOMATICALLY ADJUSTS TO THE PERFECT TEMPERATURE. Thermostat controls heat between 40-105F. Safe to be left unattended; auto shut down at 37 degrees above ambient temperature if unattended. Your animals get uniform warmth from the heated pad without fear of overheating.
  • EASY TO CLEAN, DURABLE MATERIALS WILL PERFORM THROUGH YEARS OF USE. Made of high quality polyethelene, the mat is easily wiped clean. The non-porous surface won’t harbor bacteria growth. Steel coil protects against chewing and damage of the cord.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT DETAILS SAVE YOU MONEY ON OPERATING COSTS. Unlike other products, Kane Heat Mats are constructed with thermal insulation on the bottom of the mat, ensuring all the heat goes to your pet and not to the floor. 110 Volt double insulated.
  • KEEP YOUR PET SAFE, COMFORTABLE, AND WARM INDOORS OR OUTDOORS. Kane Heat Mats are waterproof, weather resistant, and make the best warm pet beds for kennels, crates, pens, whelping boxes, dog houses, porches, garages or wherever your pet sleeps.

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