Petfactors Kitty House Heated


Petfactors Kitty House Heated


  • Petfactos cat house comes with a MET listed heating pad which is able to manually adjust the temperature in 7 levels, ranging from 77℉ to 131℉. Unlike the potencial unsafe AC heating pad in the market which may put your kitty in danger, our cat houses use 100% safe DC low voltage heating pad with thermostat and adaper. Your kitty will enjoy the premimum comfort without any worry of being harmed.
  • There are three working modes: Standby, Heating and Constant Temperature. You can control the temperature by pressing “Up” and “Down” by 5 °C every time from the default temperature of 77℉. The most healthy and favorite temperature is 96℉-109℉ for pets, we recommend to set 104℉. Perfect heated outdoor cat shelterto keep cats warm from outdoor freezing cold temperatures.
  • The pad is made of PVC fireproof material, IP67 waterproof and dustproof. Removable cover is comfortable and easy to clean by machine or hand.
  • No tools needed to assemble, two exits so pet can not be trapped. Follow the instrution shown in the picture to assemble.
  • Tip: For pets’ health and safety, it takes around 5-10 minutes for the heating pad to heat up after your pets lay or sleep on the pad.

Heated Cat Shelter

Easy to assemble, safe and convenient

Give your furry friend a safe place to lounge and rest with this easy-to-assemble pet home. Equipped with two entrances for convenience, this pet housing also comes with a safe inner pad that provides heat and comfort for your pet.

  • Heated comfort pad
  • Dual entrances
  • Insulated

Heating Pad

Inner pad is easy to clean and provides safe and comfortable added warmth for your feline friend

Cat Warmth Solution in Cold Winter – Petfactors Heated Cat House

As the year grows old and the temperature starts to drop, you may begin to worry about the outdoor kitties that you see in your neighborhood. Petfactors outdoor heated cat shelter is the ultimate solution of your worries, we use 100% safe DC low voltage(15.6v) heating pad with thermostat and adaper, the temperature ranges from 77℉ to 131℉ by easy adjustment. Your kitty will enjoy the premimum comfort without any worry of being harmed.

Features :
– Heated outdoor house keeps cats warm and sheltered when the weather takes a turn for the worse
– 7 level temperature adjustment by easy setting from 77℉ to 131℉
– Intelligent identification of environment temperature and thermostatically control of Power
– Safety DC low voltage heating pad with thermostat and adaper
– Features two exits so that your pet will not become trapped
– Easy to assemble, no tools are needed. Don’t forget to zip the roof up.

Specifications: – Overall Dimensions: 22″”L x 18.5″”W x 16.5″”H
– Inner dimensions: 18 x 14 x 16″ (without the roof)
– Heated Pad Size: 18.5″”L x 12.5″”W
– Window size: 5.7″”L x 7.9″”W
– Color: Camouflage
– Power Adapter Output: 36 W